Togarinn Imperial Stout 10.2% 68 IBU

The Sailors’ Day is an important event in Westman Islands. As soon as we started brewing we decided to make a special brew to honour the sailors of Westman Islands. We also decided to select one sailor each year to help us brewing the beer and become the face of the brand. Raggi Togari (Raggi the Trawler) was our first pick, so we made Togarinn or The Trawler Imperial Stout.We went to great lengths making this beer, for example, by soaking oak infusion spirals in whisky for a few weeks and then transferring them them to our brew. Togarinn was then sold in Westman Islands on the Sailors’ Day. That same weekend we brought it with us to the annual Hólar Beer Festival where we participated for the first time alongside all the other Icelandic breweries. Over 30 types of beer were entered, and the guests chose our beer as the best of the Festival.

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